What is the Best WAN Optimization Solution?

WAN Optimization Solution

This article will focus on WAN optimization appliances and services that provide WAN link load balancing/redundancy and manage network traffic. The purpose of these solutions is to ensure network reliability, availability, and efficiency. The methods employed to achieve this purpose vary by vendor but usually include monitoring connectivity, redirecting network traffic, and prioritizing critical services.

WAN optimization solutions test, measure, and control the flow of network traffic over multiple WAN links to provide consistent network performance businesses depend on for daily operation. Additional flexibility is offered with the ability to create rules to route certain traffic over preferred WAN lines with additional settings to dictate if and when this traffic is redirected over a different connection.

Automatic detection and WAN link failover prevent ISP outages from impacting business operations. The manipulation of traffic flow to the only send over operation links is transparent to end-users so network resources are always available for local and remote users. While some vendors support outbound traffic load balancing and failover, the best WAN optimization solution provides the ability to redirect external users in the event of a link outage. This is handled through the Domain Name System (DNS) and the dynamic updating of records that users rely on to access resources.

Network congestion can be reduced or eliminated by utilizing the available bandwidth over multiple WAN connections, however, solutions should provide the means to optimize bandwidth utilization further. This is usually handled by Quality of Service (QoS) to identify, prioritize, and allocate a defined amount of bandwidth for services and users. This ensures critical applications and users receive the proper amount of resources for quality performance.

Some WAN optimization services can provide even more benefits than those already mentioned in this article. These benefits include:

  • No upfront investment – WAN Optimization as a Service eliminates the need to invest in expensive hardware, instead of requiring only a small monthly fee
  • Proactive support – Continuous monitoring of critical services with a 24×7 support team available to respond immediately to alerts in the event of an Internet, DNS, or VPN failure
  • Cloud services – Managing a site or multiple sites from a centralized location has never been easier with customizing able access permissions for groups and users
  • Reporting – Additional insight into how network resources are being used can empower the IT department or administrator to make educated decisions concerning the network

Internet access is becoming increasingly more affordable and more mission-critical and businesses have invested or a seeking to invest in multiple WAN connections. The best WAN optimization solution should be flexible and affordable while fulfilling the need to provide uninterrupted availability while making the network more efficient and reliable.