What are Suspended Ceiling Systems?


There are many variations of suspended ceilings from which you can choose a design that meets your needs. Read on to find out what are some of these variations.

Hidden suspended ceilings, this will appear as a sleek design, as all suspension parts are hidden from view. If you plan to hide these caps, you will also need to determine whether or not you want it to be accessible or not.

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The hidden aspect of the ceilings can go both ways, but it's an important factor to consider before setting up the ceiling in your building, as inaccessible ceilings will not allow you to perform easy maintenance.

Suspended ceilings exposed are the next design of the list. It consists of panels placed in a ceiling grid. This type of ceiling has some design options, such as the size of tiles that you can use because they are all placed in a grid.

Ceilings like this are easy and quick to install, which is an advantage if you need to install the ceiling in a limited time. This type of ceiling allows easy access to maintenance because it can be done in the ceiling void. This is another bonus for this type of ceiling

The next type of suspended ceiling is a free span that will ask you to know some of your requirements. These types of ceilings have planks that are held together by the boundary. These suspended ceilings will mainly be used for corridors as they cover a width of up to 2500 mm and are tiled with planks, making them ideal for corridors.

These types of ceilings can be dismantled or closed without access. If you opt for the demountable model, you get full access to the ceiling void, allowing for quick and easy maintenance. These suspended ceilings have a smooth seamless structure.