Ways to Secure Your Laptop from Unwanted Virus Attacks

Secure Your Laptop

Each time when you are visiting a site on the net which is unsecured, your computer becomes exposed to the danger of getting viruses which are also called malicious software or malware. These dangerous and unsafe programs follow all your activities which are done on the Internet and at the same time these programs also download the programs on the hard drive of your PC in the backdrop. Depending on this malicious software, your privacy and confidentiality will also be at a great risk for the reason that some of the programs capture your personal information which includes the usernames, passwords, as well as information regarding your credit card. For protecting your privacy, as well as your identity, you need to use firewall security to keep an eye on your computer.

Steps for securing your laptop from the virus:

These days, everybody is conscious of the damage and harm which is caused by viruses in our laptops. A number of anti-virus software has come up in the market from exposing your laptop from unwanted virus attacks. With the use of some technique, our laptops can successfully defend from the unwanted virus attacks. If your laptop gets infected by a virus, you can maintain various steps to eliminate them.

Step1:  The easiest and convenient way to find out whether your laptop got infected with a virus is by checking the processes that use a maximum amount of resources and also try to get way in the connection of the network. You have to kill that process and at the same time remove those files yourself by going to the disk operating system.

Step2: You need to check whether an antivirus is installed and updated on your laptop. If it is there, then you must make sure to see for its updates online. Then after installing the updates, you need to start the system. Then start the scanning process of your laptop with the help of that anti-virus and allow the anti-virus to fix the problem. If the anti-virus is still not capable to eliminate the virus then proceed with the next step.

Step3: The antivirus which you are using may not be adequate enough to fix your laptop. You need to download such a type of antivirus which is from a dependable and reliable vendor and from a reliable source. Then you have to install it again and restart your laptop. At the time of booting your system, the scanner should be started and at the same time also check for any other virus. If any virus is found out, then take the necessary action as directed by the anti-virus software. Refer to the next step if your problem is still not solved.

Step4: If the virus detected in your laptop does not permit you to install and download the anti-virus, then you need to restart your laptop in safe mode. Your laptop needs to be restarted, and along with it, the F8 key needs to be pressed again and again until a screen showing the booting options opens up. Then you just need to choose safe mode as the booting option. Once the booting of the system is done successfully, you can install and update the anti-virus application in safe mode. Lastly, you can restart the laptop in normal mode.

Your iPhone is also prone to virus attacks. You can set a password which gives you ample time for doing some security and privacy measures. Always make use of a password manager. It is advisable not to lend your phone to anyone and also do not click on any mail attachments which you are not sure of. Also, do not download any unknown apps in your phone. Following these steps will make your iPhone free from virus attacks.