Utilizing Mobile VoIP Applications To Reduce Business Overheads

Mobile VoIP Applications

For many UK businesses, telecom bills make up a substantial proportion of their overhead costs. Companies who have a number of permanently mobile workers, will no doubt be painfully aware of this fact. Costs for calling mobile phones are generally about 34% more expensive than costs for calling another landline are with BT. In addition to this, you also have the individual mobile phone bills for each surveyor, engineer, or company representative to worry about. The costs relating to mobile workers phoning your office and liaising with other coworkers during the day to day fulfillment of their duties can easily run into thousands of pounds every month.

Imagine If All Internal Communications Were Free

It sounds like the stuff of dreams, but the reality is that some companies have been leveraging the power of VoIP for a number of years now and are enjoying free internal calls, even to mobile workers and other branches. With hosted VoIP, secretaries are able to seamlessly route calls to mobile workers as though they were an internal extension. In addition, calls from mobile workers to the office, or other mobile workers are also free of charge.

How Does It Work?

Each mobile worker installs a VoIP application on their smartphone, the application adds voice over IP functionality to the phone and permits call data to be sent via the internet rather than on the network of the mobile phone. The data can be transmitted and received either via the phones WiFi connection (if one is available) or via 3g. Because most mobile phone providers allow a free monthly data allowance of at least 1gb, this means that in theory, you can get around four thousand minutes of free internal call on each mobile phone before you run into additional data charges, if a WiFi connection is used, free internal calls to mobiles are unlimited. The ability to use your mobile as a VoIP phone also means that you can easily route a call to your mobile mid-conversation if you have left the office.

What’s The Catch?

There really isn’t one, with hosted VoIP your calls cost less, caller management functionality is greatly improved, and set up costs are cheap and economical. You don’t need any sort of permission with your mobile provider to install a VoIP application on business mobiles, and you can even keep your existing numbers. Transferring from a traditional landline to VoIP can often be carried out without causing any disruption to your service.