Use Google Analytics to Benchmark Direct Traffic

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that helps you find out how much traffic your website gets. It also does a variety of useful things. From determining where and when traffic comes from to identify the operating systems and the browsers that the users use, Google Analytics does it all for you. If benchmarking direct traffic is important for your job, then this service is a must for you. Here’s an overview on how to use Google Analytics

First, you must set up a Google account – this is the case for all services provided by Google. However, you will have to put in information that’s rather more personal. You don’t have to worry though, because Google won’t sell them to anyone.

There are two options in which you can track traffic and these are the ga.js and urchin.js methods. Ga.js is a new method and nearly all people who use Google Analytics choose this approach. But if you already have a website that uses older versions of urchin.js, using it would be the wiser move. After choosing the tracking method, you can now get the tracking code. Paste it to every page of your website so that Google can start tracking your site visitors.

Digging Deeper into Data

Navigating around your Google Analytics account will let you dig deeper into data. You can begin analyzing information by looking into the Visitors tab. Here is where you get details about returning and new visitors, mobile data, languages, browser, and many more. The tab also offers a map where you can see the geographical origin of your guests. This is useful if you cater to a specific region.

Another tab that provides useful information is the Traffic Sources. Here, you will get an overview of where all the traffic comes from. You will see the instances wherein your URL is directly typed on the address bar, the sites that direct the visitors to your page, and even how many times your website is bookmarked. You will also see which search engine drives the most traffic and whether or not that source is paid or unpaid.

Moreover, the Traffic Sources tab lets you see the keywords that generated your visitors. This page also lets you tweak further configurations which are useful if you use Adwords or if you have PPC campaigns.

To identify the kind of content that generates traffic, you can go to the Content tab. Here is where you can see which specific page of your website has become the viewers’ favorite. You can also sort the content of your site through post titles and arrange them according to the number of visits. If you tweaked the configurations of this tab, you will be able to see how many times a video in your site is clicked or downloaded.

Finally, there is the Goals tab. If you want to see if your site fulfilled its purpose, this is the place to look into. More than that, you can also see the path which your visitors tool before they took the action that completed your goal.

It’s important to note that these are just an overview of what Google Analytics can do for you. You will only be able to exploit its full potential when you start using it.