Things To Take Care Of While Choosing An Eye Specialist


There are groups of individuals who, with some justification, consider themselves eye specialists. It is important to be able to distinguish between these and understand the services that each qualifies for.

An ophthalmologist in Toronto is a graduate doctor who first has basic training and practical experience in general medicine and surgery and then specializes in eye diseases.

He realizes that eye fatigue or vision is often associated with and maybe the first recognizable sign of illness, either in the eye itself or in some other part of the body, and he considers all such possibilities when doing eye examinations.

In addition, doctors are the only people who are allowed to treat illnesses or use drugs that are very necessary for a complete eye examination of young people.

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If, after a careful examination, eyeglasses are deemed necessary, the ophthalmologist writes prescriptions for those who are taken to the optometrists to fill.

Optometrists are craftsmen, skilled in lens grinding and the manufacture and installation of eyeglasses according to prescriptions.

If eye fatigue is to be eliminated, the lens must be accurately grounded and glasses carefully installed. It is also very important that the frame and nose piece must be kept in the proper adjustment. In some cases of astigmatism, even a slight removal of the lens from the right position will cause discomfort.

Optometrists are licensed to carry out visual tests and to prescribe glasses. They are not trained to treat diseases, but approved optometry school graduates are trained to make appropriate referrals to doctors.