Strengthen your Brand with the Help of Facebook


„One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment.”

— Robert E. Quinn

Nothing speaks more about a person or a business that its ability to change and adapt to current social, economic and most important technological developments. Because never has there been such a rapid evolution of technology as in the last couple of decades, starting with social platforms that have been on the rise in the last period. Take Facebook for instance.

When it started out, most of us thought it would be another children’s toy, another chat-like tool that will unlikely meet the needs of entrepreneurs or business owners, but as time went by, our thinking changed. This is because according to statistics, the average Facebook user is 35 years old (or older) and college educated, so starting to view this social platform as a means to meet new clients seems not so far away as it did some years ago. And since you are given the opportunity of showcasing your products free of charge on a platform with 1.1 billion users, some would say that the hardest part (which is bringing potential customers closer to you) has been dealt with. DNA agency has seen the potential of social media accelerators like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and it is trying to integrate them in the promotion strategies as well as possible.

There are some things worth considering when creating your presence on Facebook, out of which you might remember that in our consumer society, a book is indeed judged by its cover, so make sure you package your product perfectly. Whether you are creating a profile, a page or a group, make sure that you use the most flattering pictures for the first impressions. The beauty in creating Facebook pages, apart from the fact that they are free, is that they are easily set up and offer your brand online strength in a matter of minutes. Liking your page will notify the friends of those who liked the page and simply and effortlessly you get instant publicity.

It is important however to know exactly which opportunities Facebook offers and use them accordingly. Since this social platform is seen as a fun, relaxed space, hard-sell tactics might end up doing more harm than good, since too many slogans or advertisements could make users “unfollow” you. The idea is to gently become a part of the community and not be the aggressive business man. You may consider providing your business with a voice, so get someone to manage your Facebook page and turn it from another impersonal business into a warm, pleasant voice that sounds real and down-to-earth.

Be sure to have clear goals when strengthening your brand over Facebook. If you want to increase sales, post regularly featuring discounts or daily specials with codes that can be traced back to Facebook or even encourage clients to post pictures of them in your shop, tagging your business. It is also essential to know when your target audience wants to hear from you and be sure you post about interesting content at regular times and reply quickly to comments since the majority of Facebook users frequently check their page for notifications.

Since the major appeal of this social platform lies in photos and videos, try to use them as often as possible to keep friends and potential clients entertained (for instance, taking a picture of a new stock, instructional videos, how-to videos, picture contests, giveaways where the aim is to recognize something in a picture or video, the possibilities are endless).

The key is to have patience; most friendships (even those on Facebook) take time to develop and grow and trust is an important factor when marketing over social platforms. If you engage in sincere conversations, provide regular, open and useful updates and foster positive relationships you will be on your way to efficient Facebook marketing in no time.