Re-Planting Potted Plants into the Yard


Potted plants – Out of the pot, to the yard

Every time you bring a new plant back after a robbery to a garden shop, or receive it in the mail, it is very important to immediately remove it from the package. Damaged plant material must be cut. If you are looking for the plant pots, then you can refer to this source: Fabric Grow Pots – Air Pruning Pots – 5 Gallon Fabric Pots

Place the plants in a closed, shaded place and water them thoroughly. Water should be free to flow from the drain holes in the pot; the potted plant should really feel bigger, or heavier, right after watering.

It is a good idea, the day before planting, to allow the roots and soil of the plant to be fully re-hydrated, and that the plant is accustomed to this new outside environment.

You may want to mix compost or potting soil together with your native soil to reduce transplant shocks and increase root growth. Place enough mixture at the bottom of the hole that allows you to mix it with existing soil, by digging the two together.

The amount of soil mixture at the bottom of the hole is very dependent, on how large the plant is, including the root ball. You want this level of soil to allow plants not to be planted too deep. Be careful of any graft, or branch off near the root ball, and never have land near it!