Modern Phone Systems Making Future Clearer!

Modern Phone Systems

Phone systems direct is a company that has been fixing fixed telephones for over a decade for home, school and business use at a reduced price with the highest possible standards. The company offers user training packages to ensure that all the clients exploit the services offered in their full capacity. This also avoids impending damage to the devices due to misuse. The company is responsible for the installation and cabling with the ability to provide extensions for 2 – 500 people in one institution.

Types of Systems Available

Three major phone systems direct packages are employed to cater to the needs of the clientele.

This arrangement is designed to serve less than 10 extensions. This particular service requires less initial capital investment with the devices fixed semi-permanently to allow portability

  • Private Branch Exchange systems (PBX)

This set up is suitable for forty and fewer extensions. The system cost a bit more than the latter but is more advanced and is much more powerful as well. Private branch exchange has both standard and premium packages with a minute difference in the cost of each.

The key system is typical in situations where only 5 – 40 extensions are needed. The setup has services not available in other packages such as prevention of crosstalk. They have all the requirements of a business situation

The PBX and key systems involve the combination of the different features, each different depending on the software installed, to internally operate as either a PBX or KEY system.


Each phone systems direct set up comes with different accessories depending on the package you choose and the specific needs you wish to satisfy. Unlike in the past, it is now easier to coordinate different services from one device at the same time. Accessories offered are, but not limited to:

  • Auto attendants and announces

Modernizing old systems

The award-winning phone systems direct organization also works to upgrade outdated systems once you purchase their services to allow for compatibility with the new software. The addition of VoIP connectivity allows for free calls between sites and home workers to eliminate unnecessary costs in the benefit of the client. Modern systems also offer options of color screens LCD IP and Wi-Fi terminals in accordance to the model you own.


Phone systems direct gives you advice on how best to save, instead of exploiting you like its competitors, on value-for-money lines and minutes to provide quality services at low prices.

System Relocation

Today, phone systems direct offers moving services to keep the wires from tangling and keep your mind at ease, different methods are used each with its pros and cons in accordance to the kind of the set up you own and the number of extensions in question.


The system is available all over Europe, with the growth of the company, they services have been modernized to fit the current needs of the industry today. It has presence in all the major cities to make sure you are covered no matter where to be. Finally, phone systems direct provide accurate and detailed information to enable us in selecting the best suppliers that suit your requirements.