Make Your Own T-shirt: Why You need A Theme


Why Your T-shirt Business Needs A Theme

It is a lot easier to get a t-shirt business off the ground these days. There are helpful online platforms like, where you can get one-off t-shirts printed and delivered in Australia. You can go into youtube and quickly learn how to make a website, or pay a little and use a drop and drag builder like Squarespace. But the most important part is to have a strong theme, a strong brand identity. This way people will recognise, trust and understand what your t-shirts are about. 

photo of people wearing blank t-shirts

The Theme: Easy To Recognise and Understand

It is important to have a theme running through your t-shirt brand. This will promote stability and encourage trust in the brand. It will help with brand recognition and understanding of the brands' story. 

Consider The Logo Design

When you look at some of the most famous t-shirt logos, they are usually simple, clear, easy to read and don’t change in design. I am sure you can name 5 right now, off the top of your head. How about Stussy, Gap and Hanes. Straight away you can see the logo in your mind. This is why it is important to spend time and consider the logo design you are going to use. Once you come up with the t-shirt logo, stick with it and don't change it. 

T-shirt Brand Example: Supreme

supreme logo example

Let’s take a look at supreme. Their logo is very easy to read from a distance and is instantly recognisable from the red colour they use. They have stuck with the same logo since it started. What lesson can we learn from this? 

  • Easy to read logo.

  • Establish trust, don't change the design. 

  • Keep it simple, so it’s easy to remember and recognise. 

Choose  a t-shirt theme

The brand should choose a t-shirt theme and stick to it. If you release all different sorts of t-shirt ideas, it may take a lot longer for people to understand and appreciate it. People may even get confused. 

Come up with a t-shirt business story.

image of Lao Tsu for make your own t-shirt

If i was to make my own t-shirts about the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. I would use images of him and text on the t-shirts. I would even consider a calm colour palette to use, like muted and soft tones. Maybe the story behind the t-shirt business could be ancient philosophy. Every 3 months i would release a new collection, consisting of a new philosopher each time. 

What is the message behind the brand? Convey this message visually. Stick with the same design, don’t go changing it every 5 minutes. Use consistent colours and fonts, this will promote brand trust. Once you have a solid concept of the brand, you are now ready to start testing some t-shirts out at the website I mentioned in the intro. Try various types of tees until you find one that you really like and fits with your budget. Good luck and have fun.