Liquid Roof – Roof Sealant for Your Mobile Home


When it comes to protecting the roof of a mobile home, there are special considerations to keep in mind. Unlike traditional houses, mobile homes can move. This movement produces a greater amount of vibration.

These vibrations can, in turn, cause cracks and defects that cause leakage. The material and style of the mobile roof construction must also be taken into account. Most mobile homes are built of fiberglass, Styrofoam, sheet metal, plywood or a combination of both.

Although built to be sturdy, exposure to the environment and the rigors of the road will cause wear on the roof, regardless of the material used in its construction. Even a smooth one-piece roof can leak from time to time. Type the query Patented Mobile Home Roof Over and Roof over For Mobile Homes to find the experts offer.

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Mobile homes that are left idle for long periods are also exposed to the risk of leakage only by constant temperature variations, exposure to UV light and other environmental factors.

PDM synthetic rubber, has beautiful adhesive properties for wood, metal, and fiberglass, making it ideal for all types of mobile homes. Liquid Roof is easy to apply and only requires one layer to offer the maximum level of protection. The physical application can be done with a brush or a roller. No need primer. Once applied, the waterproof properties are immediately felt.

By simply applying liquid coatings to your mobile home, you will protect the roof from the drying and degradation effects of the sun's UV rays. Its flexible nature enables it to offer continuous protection even in sudden and extreme variations in temperature. Going from the blazing, sunny afternoon desert to the cold mountain nights will not lower its level of protection.