Internet Marketing 101: Basic Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

If you are new to the internet marketing game, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Social media has emerged as a primary component of peddling your wares and services online, and on the surface, it seems simple; just send out some tweets and post some updates about your business and wait for people to place an order. But, it is more nuanced than that. Here are some basic tips that will form a  solid foundation for your social media marketing efforts.

Provide Value

Providing value is key to succeeding with social media marketing; if the only thing you are doing all day is trying to promote your products and services and talking about yourself, you will not get the results you are hoping for. People will tune you out.

Share information relevant to your business that is of interest to your target audience, help them solve problems, answer the questions you know they have. This establishes credibility, trust, and authority—three key ingredients in a successful online presence. Think about your customers and what they need and want, and give them just that.

Join the Discussions

Of the many ways to expand your presence and reach a new audience, commenting on other people’s blog posts is one of the tops. Leaving thoughtful comments builds trust, authority, and credibility, of which we already know the importance. You can link back to your own blog or website, which boosts search engine ranking. Sniff out blogs in your industry and regularly comment on them.

A site such as Alltop provides a directory of blogs by subject matter. Once you have made your presence known at certain blogs, reach out to the owner about possibly placing a guest post. If you have your own blog, consider asking the person to post on yours. Either strategy will get your brand greater exposure.

Share the Love

Anyone with a business is looking to sell more products, get more clients and make more money. No big secret. You may think that you need to focus on you, you, you to accomplish this goal as quickly as possible. But, the opposite is actually true. The more you share other people’s content on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, the more people you can reach with less effort. Know why? Because these people will share your content.

Establishing relationships with other people marketing online will leverage your time and you will get more done with less effort. That sounds like a pretty attractive equation. So, make connections with people whose audience would make the perfect customers for you, and start spreading the love.

Interact with Your Audience

If people who like your Facebook page are leaving comments, answer him; if someone sends you a question through Twitter, answer her. If someone retweets you, send a message thanking them. While services that allow you to schedule content for distribution at set times is a great way to save some time, your social media campaign should not consist entirely of automated updates.