How to Write an SEO Article

SEO Article

If the copywriting matter has been solved for your company and you have found professional enough service or hired an experienced person to write content for your website, then the question appears: how to manage and use content as effective as possible. In this article, I will cover some really effective ways to do it and give you some advanced tips for a better understanding of the process.

No matter what you do to promote your business online, the very first thing you should understand why you are doing this. For instance, if you place a link, then you should define for yourself if it is going to be a link for search engine optimization purposes (to get better rankings on search engines) or you want people to click on that link to learn more about your product.

This will also be helpful to the business owners who receive reports from the marketing specialists. It is all about understanding why. This understanding will keep you from having wrong expectations and thus – disappointment.

Your Top Visited Landing Pages

Put Some Makeup on Already Consumed Content

Spend 15-20 minutes to check up your Google Analytics’ metrics, such as top landing pages and check the bounce rate (percentage of people who visited one page of your website). Then go to these pages and make sure the content there is of good enough quality. If you are not satisfied with the words usage, grammar or calls to action, then you should definitely devote some time to landing pages writing and editing.

Even though it is believed that people do not read on the web, they just scan the text, still, some parts of the text are read, especially those which contain the most important information. Poor formatting, typos, and other mistakes have a bad impact with regards to trusting your company, this is why it is essential either to proofread, edit or completely rewrite the text.

Think, Think Again, then Make a Decision

For some people it is really obvious that having a blog is good for several reasons:

1. Fresh content that you add to your website
2. Additional traffic
3. The possibility of internal linking
4. Building a community

All these four reasons are true, but there are also some questions that you should ask yourself before blog writing will become your regular activity.

1. What should I write about
2. How long should the articles be
3. How to link to the pages I want
4. How to promote what I sell

The only advice for writing could be: focus on quality, rather than on quantity. If the topic needs 1000-1500 words to cover it in its fullest, then spend enough time to do it. It is always better than writing 10 articles that bring no actual value to the reader.

Here are some other points:
1. Write about things your potential clients might be interested in
2. As long as it needs, depending on the topic
3. Link to your pages logically, make sure the one who will click on that link will be directed to where he or she expected to be
4. Do it wisely, it should be a kind of a hint, not just a direct promotional sentence or paragraph

Guest post is an article that you write and then publish on some other source, usually with a link or couple of them to your website. Some of the websites accept articles for free; others require compensation to be able to get published.

This type of promotion is usually used for two primary reasons:
1. A back-link that you receive from the website
2. Brand exposure and connecting with your potential clients

If you want to rank higher for some key phrases, you need some back-links from relevant websites or blogs and guest posting is a good way to get them. Such posts on the website with few visitors cost cheap, but links still give some SEO value, so you should not neglect such an opportunity. You will have no referral traffic, but you will gain another back-link for your profile to become more authority.

Guest posting for referral traffic and brand exposure

There are some sources that are really read by thousands of people every day because they publish interesting and quality articles, they have real comments and they are real authorities in the industry. Fortunately, they accept guest posts, but the price will be much higher than with a blog with few or almost no readers and RSS subscribers. The benefit is quite obvious – your name will be associated with the name of the authority source, the right people will know about you, they will visit your website and probably convert into clients.

Ask the Right Questions to Yourself and Answer Them

If you got inspired by the article and want to load your copywriters with tones of tasks right away, please stop. Before you do that, you should decide upon some really important things:

1. How many quality articles your copywriters can provide you with daily/weekly
2. How much time and money you will have to invest in additional research and writing
3. How you see the process from a long-term perspective

Remember, no matter what you start doing to promote your business, the decision must be well thought out and, maybe, supported by calculations.

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