How To Stay Safe When Using Dangerous Tools

Dangerous Tools

Every workplace has its dangers, but working with big equipment such as tools and machinery has many more. It is essential that if you do have to use dangerous machinery and tools that you know exactly how to use them, otherwise this can result in injury. Most companies will ensure all their employees attend a training course to make sure that they know how to use the machines and tools in their workplace.

Relevant Training

If there is no mention in your workplace about sending you on a training course before you have to get hands-on with tools and machinery, you should bring it up yourself. You should tell your supervisor or manager that you are not happy about using some of the machinery as you are not completely sure how it operates or how to use it safely. At this point, your supervisor or manager should suggest that you need to complete a training course.

During this training you should be taught how to use a variety of equipment, this will give you a better understanding of how to operate big and small machinery. You should also be told any safety procedures that are in place for using big heavy duty equipment such as grinding machinery. During your training, you should be made aware that there are different versions of equipment that look quite similar to each other, however, they are made to complete different jobs.

Tip: The most common piece of machinery to get used for the wrong jobs is surface grinders; this is because there are so many different pieces of grinding machinery. You should look at the jobs and uses of surface grinders; this will give you a better idea of how to use grinding tools safely.

Stay Protected

Before going ahead and using any tool in the workplace, it is absolutely essential that you wear the relevant protective clothing. It is advised that you should wear protective gloves and goggles when using any tool or machine as this will protect your hands if you slip and your eyes from any flying debris.

Tip: If you have never used a certain tool in the past, you should also wear a hard hat and steel toe cap boots, this will protect you from anything that you are not expecting.

Be Cautious

If you are not happy about using a certain tool, you should speak to your manager and explain that you are not comfortable completing the job. Your manager should then enroll you on further training until you are happy using all tools and machines in the workplace.

Tip: You should always be aware of who is around you.