How to Stay on the Right Side of the Data Protection Law

Data Protection Law

Today businesses simply cannot get away with putting their data at risk. Not only is it essential for them to keep their own confidential data safe, but they must also account for the safety of any customer data they keep on file too. Those that fail to comply with data protection laws face serious implications that could destroy their reputation. In this article, we will offer businesses a guide on how to stay on the right side of the data protection law.

Today many employees use mobile devices to store work data. It is essential that data stored this way is protected sufficiently.

Set strict data protection policies

No matter what size business you own, it is essential that you have a strict data protection policy in place. The policy should clearly outline to your staff the importance of data protection and the steps they should follow to ensure that all data remains safe. It is also important to encourage staff to backup data regularly so that you have copies, should anything be accidentally deleted or damaged in an unforeseen disaster.

Today it is also important that companies’ data protection policies include sections on data stored on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Employees should be made aware of the fact that it is just important to safeguard these devices offsite, as it is the hardware stored in the office. Encourage the use of password protection and data encryption to minimize the risk of confidential data being stolen.

If employees fail to abide by your data protection policy it is important that they know they will be disciplined. If you let one employee get away with it, the rest will think that data protection is not as important as you have made it out to be.

Work with a third party security provider

One of the best ways to store data safely today is to upload it to the cloud. Companies providing cloud services allow their clients to upload their data to their secure servers, preventing them from needing to store it on-site. The advantage of working with a third-party cloud provider is that they make use of the top security software, ensuring that your data is kept safe at all times. It is also beneficial to businesses in cases of unforeseen disasters, as it means they can access their data offsite if their hardware in their office has been destroyed.

If you allow your employees to work off-site, it is essential that you make sure they use security tools and abide by data protection laws.

Make use of IT security software

If your employees store confidential data and information on their work computers, it is essential that they make use of IT security packages containing anti-virus, anti-malware, spam filters, and firewall tools. These security tools will help to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your system and stealing your data. Always buy the best security package you can afford for your business.

Train employees on data protection

If you want your employees to be serious about data protection then you need to spend the time and money on training them properly. Many companies provide training programmes which enable businesses to work towards gaining a certificate in data protection. Sending employees on a data protection course is a great way to ensure that your employees understand the importance of data protection and the implications you will face as a business if you do not comply with the law.


Whether you run a small business with under ten employees or a large business with hundreds of employees, you need to make sure that each and every person working for your business understands the importance of data protection. Businesses that fail to comply with data protection law will face serious implications. Not only that, but they will lose their customer’s trust and will struggle to be able to build up a good reputation in the future.