Free Remote Access Tools

Remote Access Tools

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) clients have been on the scene for some time now but it’s only in the last few years that it’s become a more mainstream phenomenon. If you’re unsure as to what RDP is, it’s a way of remotely accessing one computer from another (or from a mobile device these days). So, if you’ve ever wished you could just access your home PC from your tablet or your office PC, then an RDP client might be for you. And if you’re looking for RDP on a budget, here are some of the best free options:

Ericom AccessToGo for Chrome

In the US, Google’s Chromebooks account for around 25% of sales in the sub-$300 laptop category. Despite criticism when they were first released, improvements have made Google a real contender in the PC world. So, if you’re a Chromebook user or you’re just running Chrome OS on a Windows, Mac or Linux device, you’ll be glad to hear about the Chrome RDP client from industry-leading Ericom. It’s the fastest, free NaCi-based RDP client currently available for the operating system. Ericom also has a Linux RDP client as well as the more standard Windows and Mac options.


LogMeIn has a good history of providing remote access solutions and has a large portfolio of different clients. It’s a web-based service that makes the whole process as simple as possible because all you need is a browser to set up a connection. The free version has its limitations: there’s no file transfer option or remote printing but it still does a decent job in the remote access and file sharing departments. If all you need is access to another computer’s file, it’s one of the better choices available.


Teamviewer, as the name suggests, has many a range of products that help teams collaborate, from desktop sharing and web conferencing to remote control support and online meetings. Its remote access programs are reliable and range from the apps to browser-based solutions which work with HTML and Flash. Another bonus: it is free for personal use. If you want to use it commercially you’ll need to make a one-off payment for a lifetime license.


Mikogo is a relatively unknown RDP client. It’s by no means the fastest or the most reliable, but it is pretty feature-rich, a fact that will appeal to the more technologically-minded among you. In its scale (if not the execution) it can be compared to the expensive, commercial program Citrix GoToMeeting with features such as presenter switching, remote control, whiteboard sharing, file sharing, and session recording.