Cost Effective Ways to Grow Your Church!


Do you want your church to grow? Are you reaching people looking for a church like yours? Some of these people are looking in your region for the first time and others for various reasons are looking for a new church home.

If your church is like many organizations, you do not have a marketing budget to spend on marketing. But that does not mean there are not things your churches on Long Island can do to promote. Just be creative in thinking a bit out of the box to get fantastic returns on your marketing budget.

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Here are some ideas that should help you build your membership if you do them regularly. More importantly, do them in excellence! Are they the only ways to market your church? Absolutely not!

Send press releases REGULARLY! – Press releases are one of the largest sources of free publicity for your church. One is to provide regular press releases to the paper and more effective local radio stations (and cheaper) ways to get your message about your event organization or special event.

These organizations are hungry for content. You just need to provide for them. Compile a list of all outlets in your area. Do not forget to find out who manages your section of the paper and sent directly to that person. Learn how to write a good press release.

Email Signatures – How many emails do you send each day /week/month or year? Many of these emails go to church not members of the congregation. Each of these provides an opportunity for if you want your church a little promotion “commercial”.

An electronic signature is made up of texts and / or images that are automatically added to the end of an outgoing electronic message. Email signatures are automatic and once established.