Basic Information on Indoor Plants


A plant that can grow and survive even under low-lighting conditions is called as an indoor plant. Today, there are tons of indoor plants that come in various sizes, types and so on. This is because, few indoor plants require very constant watering for their growth while others require very low-lighting conditions for survival. Let’s focus on some of the qualities while looking for an indoor plant.


  • Foliage – When it comes to foliage, it needs to be thick and not thin.
  • Root System – A fit indoor plant is the one comprising of healthy root system. For a small plant, you can just look at the root to make sure it is healthy however, consider looking for thick and light-colored roots when it comes to choosing a bigger indoor plant.
  • Diseases –Plants too are known to catch a disease similar to animals and humans. Sticky residue on the surface of the plant, white dots and bad odor are some of the signs you should look for while purchasing an indoor plant.

List of Plants that Require Low Light to Survive

  • Peace Lily – This is a popular indoor plant that survives well under moist soil condition with very little water. Make sure you do not add plenty of water.
  • Philodendron –A very popular plant amongst indoor plant lovers that grows really well and attracts very little number of pests.
  • Dracaena –This is a great indoor plant comprising of green leaves that are long. However, this plant does require the occasional pruning once the foliage becomes long.

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