4 Steps for Gaining Confidence in front of the Camera


Unconfident video marketers stand out in a negative way. Fidgety mannerisms or shifty eye action turns off most viewers immediately. Boost your confidence by applying a few basic tips to your video marketing campaign. Gain the trust of your target audience, build your brand, grow your list and have fun conveying your value-packed message across a creative medium. Video marketing continues to gain traction as a content marketing vehicle. By using this advertising strategy you can distance yourself from the herd and make a powerful impact on prospective customers.

Maintain Eye Contact with the Camera

Looking away from the camera only reinforces your lack of confidence. Shifty, unconfident people rarely maintain eye contact during conversations. Since your audience sees you through the camera practice looking directly into the lens for the entirety of your video. Blink at times to prove that you are human. Looking directing into the lens helps you to emit a calm, confident engaging vibe. By resisting the urge to look away you can conquer your video-related fears and create compelling, magnetic videos.

Speak Loud and Clear to Boost Your Confidence

Calm, confident video marketers speak in a booming voice. Meek video marketers speak from a scared, small space. Stop whispering and start belting out your message to build belief in yourself. Study inspirational figures as a reference. Most of these individuals speak in a loud, resounding tone to get their message across in dramatic fashion. Speak your mind. Belt out your message to build your confidence and impact your audience in an unforgettable manner.

Practice Creating Videos

The most confident video marketers spent thousands of hours fine-tuning their message through public speaking. Shoot videos to gain a level of comfort in front of the camera and boost your confidence. By seeing yourself on video and hearing your voice you can become comfortable absorbing your persona from a third person perspective.  Put in the time to develop smooth, free-flowing videos. You cannot gain a level of comfort in front of the camera unless you practice shooting videos on a frequent basis. Shoot at least 3 to 5 videos each week. Create 5 minute long pieces of content to become more at ease in front of the camera. By practicing frequently you can get over the self-conscious blocks which cripple most video marketing newbies. Practice makes better.

Become Comfortable Hearing Your Voice and Seeing Yourself

Practicing frequently helps you to become comfortable hearing your voice on video. This single block holds back most entrepreneurs. Few video creators feel good about hearing their voice for the first time on video. Release on any self-conscious tendencies by listening to yourself chat for a few minutes. View yourself on video too. You might appear a bit heavier because the camera adds at least 5 to 10 pounds. Observe your mannerisms. By watching yourself and listening to yourself on a camera you can become more assured in your delivery and boost your self-confidence.